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AGRETO scale construction kit with weighing feet and XK3 weighing indicator

AGRETO scale construction kit with weighing feet and XK3 weighing indicator

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Flexible deployment up to 4000 kg loads

The AGRETO weighing feet are ideal for mounting under all kinds of platform scales, grinders and mixers, tanks, silos and many other containers.

Easy to install

Mounting takes mere minutes, by simply attaching threaded bolts to any construction. All you need, is one drilled hole per weighing foot to take a threaded bolt.

Robust weighing technology

The AGRETO weighing feet have a nominal load of 1000 kg per foot, resist vibration and are ideal for deployment in demanding environments for many years, thanks to their high 300% breaking load.

Waterproof and fit for stables

The weighing feet are completely dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP68 (can be used under water up to a depth of 1 m) and can thus be installed outdoors, in stables and damp rooms. All parts are made from stainless steel.

Inexpensive indicator with animal weighing mode

The indicator contains a powerful, built-in battery. This means that the AGRETO XK3 can be operated anywhere.
Delivery contents:
• 4 weighing feet
• 1 connector box
• 6 m weighing signal cable
• 1 AGRETO XK3 weighing indicator
• User manual
Weighing feet:
• Internal load cell
• Stainless steel contact plate
• Stainless steel mounting plate with mounting screws
• Rubber cover as extra load cell protection
• M14 thread with nuts and washers for height adjustment during mounting
• Total weighing foot height: 98 mm
• Weighing foot diameter: 70 mm
Load cells:
• Encapsulated, welded compression load cell with load introduction
• Dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP68
• 1000 kg nominal load per load cell
• 150% secure overload, 300% breaking load
• 2 mV/V characteristic value
• Operating temperature: -35 to +70 °C
Connector box:
• Waterproof connector box
• Connecting terminals for weighing cells and weighing signal cable
• Potentiometer for corner adjustment of load cells
• Cable outlets with cable screw connections
Weighing signal cable:
• 4-pin cable 4 x 0.5 mm2
• 7.6 mm outer diameter
• Special coating
• UV-resistant
• Small bending radius
• Treadable
AGRETO XK3 weighing indicator:
• Display unit in plastic casing • 1 bracket for mounting to wall or table • 1 adapter for stand mounting • Dimensions including mounting bracket 275 x 165 x 100 mm (WxHxD) • Protection class IP63 • Connection to the load cells via a 9-pole D-sub plug • 6-digit LED display with 25 mm high, bright red digits • Automatic auto-zero when switching on or manual auto-zero • Zero point stabilisation • Taring and summing function • Animal weighing mode, shows a stable weight, even when animals are restless • Energy saving mode to preserve the battery • Power supply through external 230 V power adapter or built-in battery • RS-232 interface for external large indicator, or data transfer with PC or PLC
For which applications can AGRETO weighing feet be used?
The extremely robust construction of AGRETO weighing feet enable the deployment in any environment that is too demanding for other scales, because of dampness or vibrations. Because of the special way that load introduction is constructed no torque or lateral forces are transferred. This means that the AGRETO weighing feet can usually be installed without a supporting construction.
How are the weighing feet attached?
All that is needed for mounting the weighing feet, is a 14 mm hole in the construction, which can be drilled if not present. The threaded bolts for the AGRETO weighing feet are then fixed into these (drilled) holes with the provided nuts.
What needs to be taken into consideration during installation?
To obtain satisfying weighing results the weighing feet have to stand exactly level on the ground, and the feet must be perfectly vertical. This vertical position is attained by the exact horizontal alignment of the parts that are attached to the weighing feet.
How are the weighing feet mounted under a platform?
Normally the platform frame is reinforced in the corners with flat bars. This is where the mounting holes for the weighing feet are drilled. The material must be thick enough around the holes that it doesn't bend under load. For platform loads of 1 to 2 t the material must be at least 10 mm.
How are the weighing feet mounted under a feed mixer or other containers?
Some feed mixer already dispose of horizontal parts under their feet that can be attached to the weighing feet. Alternatively, flat bars that are pre-drilled for attachment to the weighing feet, can be welded to the mixer's feet. Another possibility is to connect all feet with U-profiles and attach the weighing feet to the end of these profiles.
What's the maximum distance between the weighing feet?
The cables from the AGRETO weighing feet to the connector box are 3 m long. In case of a square scale with a connector box in the middle, a weighing platform could measure up to 4 x 4 m. In practice, AGRETO weighing feet shouldn't be used for scale constructions with sides that are longer than 3 m, because the platform can sag, which in turn affects weighing feet accuracy.
Can the weighing platform stick out past the weighing feet?
Yes, but make sure that the platform or construction can't tip over.
Where is the connector box mounted?
The connector box should be mounted in an accessible, safe spot, or somewhere on the scale construction.
What's the maximum length for the connecting cable between connector box and weighing indicator?
Standard cable length is 6 m. On request the cable can be extended up to 20 m.
Can the load cell cables be shortened?
It is not recommended, because calibration is based on the original cable length. If cables are shortened, all the load cell cables must have the same length and a new calibration must be performed.
Can a malfunctioning weighing foot be replaced?
Yes, if a foot or load cell should start to malfunction, all parts can be ordered and replaced individually.
How accurately do the AGRETO weighing feet weigh?
The compression load cells in the AGRETO weighing feet are designed for a +/- 1% accuracy. Weighing applications that require a higher accuracy, should be carried out with shear force load cells.
Does the indicator contain a battery?
The indicator has a battery compartment that fits 2 regular 1.5 V AA or equivalent batteries.
How does the animal weighing mode function?
For weighing a restless animal, the function button must be pressed to start the animal weighing mode. After 4 seconds the indicator shows an average weight. This average weight remains displayed until the function button is pressed again.
Any more questions?
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AGRETO scale construction kit with weighing feet and XK3 weighing indicator AGRETO scale construction kit with weighing feet and XK3 weighing indicator AGRETO scale construction kit with weighing feet and XK3 weighing indicator